toyota-companyAdmist rough competition from the neighbouring states Andhra Pradesh successfully grabbed the prestigious Hero MotoCorp project which became like a proud pocession of Chandra Babu Naidu’s achievements within a couple of months after taking oath as the CM of the residue state.

But Naidu isn’t going to stop at this and he is on the right track to grab yet another Japan based prestigious project Toyota. According to the latest available information from the government sources, AP is going to bag the prestigious TVS and Toyota projects. To woo in the companies to set up their units in the state, Naidu is all set to give them incentives.

Incentives like coming forward to allot land wherever these companies want and also giving various kind of concessions to set up those units. CM’s Japan visit is strategically planned to go for the final discussions on the matter and further details would be revealed only after the government of AP comes to an ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ with the concerned officials of the companies.

The carefully planned strategy to woo the investors and the secrecy maintained not to distract them from going away to other States, AP CM is all set to show his opponents proudly how within a short time he could woo two big companies aka Hero MotoCorp, and TVS andToyota into investing in AP.