casino-vijayawada-penamaluruGoa Casino in Gudivada during Sankranthi created a huge uproar in Andhra Pradesh politics. Now, certain big people planned to organize a similar one in Penamaluru, Krishna district on Wednesday (today).

Huge arrangements have been made for the casino at a hotel and convention center in the town of Kankipadu. The invitation is specially printed and sent to selected candidates only.

The organizers applied to the police for permission to hold a get-together-style event here. It was sent to the Gannavaram ACP office. They just applied this for dances and DJs.

Excise Police gave permission to drink alcohol. It is learned that there was pressure from the top on the police to permit the casino.

The incident came to light on social media on Tuesday. It is learned that girls, Tollywood, Bollywood movie stars, and popular singers are also coming from Goa for the event.

They were also paid huge advances. Advances were paid in the name of the casino to the Convention Center.

Information that the entry fee is up to Rs 20,000.

Reports are that the permissions were not given after the issue got leaked on social media and the media.

It has to be seen if the big heads behind the casino will be arrested for trying to take the permissions by misleading the department.