Janga-Krishnamurthy-JaganYS Jagan Mohan Reddy claims to have given the highest number of nominated posts to the BCs. But the important ones are always given to his own Reddy community while the non-prominent ones are given to BCs just for the sake of numbers.

The Chief Minister realized that it may backfire and is trying to make amends for that with elections just sixteen months to go.

He is contemplating appointing Janga Krishnamurthy as the Chairman of TTD. YV Subba Reddy has been the TTD Chairman since 2019.

The Chairman post for the richest temple has been with Jagan’s family and the Reddy community for all this while YV Subba Reddy is Vijayamma’s sister’s husband.

Now, a BC is brought at the last minute for the sake of elections. Subba Reddy may step down after Vaikunta Maasam Darshans in Tirumala.

Janga Krishnamurthy is currently the MLC elected in the MLAs quota in 2021.