After Demonetization, a War with Pakistan?: Narendra Modi 2019 ElectionsPrime Minister Narendra Modi seems to be already preparing for the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections and the 2019 General Elections. Demonetization – the war against Black Money which is almost like playing to the galleries. Despite people being troubled with this decision, a majority is welcoming the move.

On the other side, there are indications that India may go to a war with Pakistan before Narendra Modi’s first term ends. The other day, the Prime Minister had spoke to Pakistan in a stern voice. A war with Pakistan almost looked imminent after the Surgical Strike but then somehow it is averted.

But the situation at the Line of Control (LOC) is still tense. Effectively bringing some black money back to the economy and dolling out some social welfare schemes with that and a war with Pakistan may seal a second term for Narendra Modi.