After Chandrababu Naidu, next in the Line of BJP's Victims Is Nitish KumarBJP seems to be on a roll and is keen on extending its sway over all the 29 states in the country. Modi and Amit Shah cornered Chandrababu Naidu, strangled him giving no funds and finally forced him out of the alliance.

It seems to be the same ploy with their other partner, Nitish Kumar as well in Bihar. Nitish contested the last elections and won along with BJD. He dumped BJD and Congress recently and joined NDA. But then, BJP high command is trying to unsettle Bihar.

There are rumours that a Union Minister’s son is being instrumental in fuelling the communal tensions in the state. Since Nitish Kumar joined NDA, Communal Tensions are on a rise in Bihar which will naturally help BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections.

It will also paint Nitish’s government as Jungle Raj. This will equate RJD rule and JDU Rule and showcase BJP as an alternative when the state goes for election the next time. Nitish Kumar who was once the Prime Ministerial Candidate is reduced to fight the deliberate plan to reduce his political weight.