Adult-teen-affairA dreadful incident that has happened in the Abohar town of Punjab shows a horrifying lack of humanity as a mother kills her teenage daughter over a shared love interest. The incident was originally hidden as a suicide committed by the 17 year old but since then the truth has come out.

As the truth unfolded, it was found that Manju and Vijay had met on Facebook while he was still in Saudi Arabia and the two fell in love. When Vijay came to India he started living with Manju but he also developed a relation with her daughter Diksha. Diksha was initially unaware about Vijay’s relations with her mother and when she saw them in bed, a fight started between the mother and daughter as they both wanted to marry Vijay. During the course of the fight, Manju lost her temper and strangled her daughter to death. Later, a suicide note was wriiten by Vijay to save himself and cover up the crime.

However, both Manju and her lover Vijay Kumar have now been arrested for the murder of her daughter Diksha and for attempting to hoodwink the police into believing it was a suicide.