Suresh, who has created a unique identity for him through the social networking world by being vocal and expressive about every issue, has joined BJP. The actor as we know, through many videos, has been extremely critical of the Congress government and been looking for a long time to support someone whole heartedly. It looks like now he has found one in Narendra Modi and hence finally joined his party.

Actor thanked his well wishers that includes leader Kishan Reddy from BJP and few media people as well and said that he only wishes to fight the system and corruption and that is what has made him join politics. When asked about Pawan Kalyan and his meet, the actor said that not just Pawan Kalyan many like him are required for the party and must join for a betterment to the society. Now that the actor has joined the party, let us see if he is a man who stands by his words when given a chance or if he is all hot air.