Pawan Kalyan - Chegondi Hari Rama JogaiahChegondi Hari Rama Jogaiah is one of the Senior Most Politicians in West Godavari District. Quitting Congress, he sailed with Chiranjeevi during the Praja Rajyam days and was accused of backstabbing Chiranjeevi in the district.

Even though there is no one to confirm that after Praja Rajyam’s 2009 debacle, Jogaiah subsequently resigned to the party and later remained inactive in politics. Buzz is that Pawan Kalyan will meet him early the next month.

Pawan Kalyan is planning to seek the support of Jogaiah and invite him into the party. It has to be seen how Jogaiah responds to this offer. This move of Pawan Kalyan is leaving the fans and party supporters confused.