ACB not interested in nabbing A4 in Revanth Reddy's case!The Accused Number 4 in Revanth Reddy’s case, Jerusalem Mattayya is absconding according to the Police and ACB records. But Mattayya is roaming freely and is giving interviews to media about his side of arguments in this case. However neither the police nor ACB is in mood to nab him and they say there is a good reason for it.

If Mattayya is arrested in this case, the ACB will have all the accused in the case arrested and will get to record their statement. When it is done, then the ACB can not object for the bail of Revanth Reddy or others in the case. But if Mattayya is outside and absconding, ACB always have the option of arguing that Revanth’s release can influence evidences.

On the other side, Mattayya gave a TV interview stating that TRS government is trying to blackmail him in this case to name Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. He also stated that he and his family had life threat from Telangana government.