ABN Chandrababu NaiduYCP’s unprecedented personal attack on Chandrababu Naidu is the most talked about topic in Andhra Pradesh political circles now. Every media outlet in the state is extensively covering the same.

But strangely enough, ABN is going overboard with its melodramatic approach. This overaction is even irking Nandamuri fans and followers.

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“Babu Kanta Kanneeru… Ragilipothunna Thammullu… AP Lo High Tension,” this is the latest report from ABN. This is the kind of template one would see in a Telugu soap opera. Such cinematic statements will only invite trolls on social media.

Earlier, ABN extensively publicized video clippings of random people calling out Jr NTR for making just a diplomatic statement about the character assassination and not breathing fire on YCP. This is as strange as it can get. A distasteful incident happened, and Jr NTR reacted to the same. What is the point in finding fault with the way NTR reacted?

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Let alone constructive criticism on the guilty parties, ABN is now torturing Nandamuri fans with their over the top antics.