ABN-RK-Vemuri-Radha-Krishna-ABN Radhakrishna is a towering personality. If someone after Ramoji Rao made an impression on Telugu media and Political space, it is Radhakrishna.

After a substantial base in Print and Electronic media, ABN is trying to gain ground on web space as well in recent years. The web is the future and so, there is nothing wrong with it.

But then, the approach ABN is taking has become objectionable. It looks like the department has been deputed to some young junior who is only focused on hits than maintaining standards.

The YouTube thumbnails, captions, article titles, etc are being kept just for the sake of click baits and they often come under criticism. When there is a point and scope for criticism, ABN always has the license but the way they try to make a mountain out of a mole is very objectionable.

There are multiple such occasions recently in relation to Chiranjeevi and Godfather movie. The intentional targeting without any substance is only bringing negativity to ABN and Radhakrishna on the online space.

All this will add to nothing and will only defeat the brand value of the Andhrajyothy group. This is not just confined to Chiranjeevi or Mega family. There are numerous such instances.

The faster Radhakrishna makes note of what is happening in this department, the better it is for Andhrajyothy.

It is interesting to note that the negativity Andhrajyothy is getting is hitting Telugu Desam Party as well even though it is totally out of scope.