ABN RadhakrishnaABN Radhakrishna in his column last week revealed that KCR is looking for an alliance with Pawan Kalyan and is offering a 1000 Crore Package to agree to that proposal.

KCR trying to attract Pawan Kalyan and offering to fund Janasena’s election expenses is not anything new or wrong. But using the word ‘Package’ has enraged Janasainiks and they abused RK and his family in and out and also trended vulgar hashtags on social media.

Nagababu also made a veiled attack on Radhakrishna even as Pawan Kalyan kept silent on this issue.

Radhakrishna in his Sunday Editorial ‘Kotha Paluku’ tried to explain his comment. On expected lines, he clarified how he only said KCR offered but did not say Pawan Kalyan accepted.

In his very long explanation, RK stood by what he said – KCR offering 1000 Crore to Pawan Kalyan to foil TDP – Janasena alliance and to attract Kapu voters towards BRS in AP and Telangana and at the same time, he gave an explanation like he retracted the ‘Package’ comments which he intentionally or unintentionally made.

Definitely, the heat put in by Janasena supporters worked!?

Janasainiks who blamed Chandrababu Naidu for RK’s earlier column would not give credit for this clarification to Chandrababu. That is because this section blinded by caste and film rivalry is only hellbent on creating distance between TDP and Janasena.

On the other hand, RK did not go down easily. He came down hard on Nagababu who reacted to the incident even as Pawan Kalyan maintained strategic silence. He hurled two insulting comments at the Mega Brother. RK told he would not respond to Nagababu if he were not the elder brother of Pawan Kalyan and younger brother of Chiranjeevi. He also said Nagababu is damaging Janasena than helping it in any way.

He also tried to school the ever-impatient and hyper-reactive Janasainiks.

Under pressure from Chandrababu or the pressure of Janasainiks, RK retracted the ‘Package’ comments at the same time tried not to hurt his own ego.

Probably, Pawan Kalyan has got an exit from this issue. He is under pressure from Janasainiks to respond on this issue. With alliance talks going on, it would not be wise to respond and at the same time, he can not afford to hurt his own supporters.

With this ‘explanation’ of RK and retraction of the word ‘Package’, the issue got closed even without the need for Pawan Kalyan’s comment.