ABN's_Mass_Troll_On_JaganABN Andhrajyothyi always finds the most creative of ways to mock AP CM Jagan. They have done the same this around with a mass troll on YS Jagan.

ABN televised a sarcastic video targeting YS Jagan over the special status claim.

In the said video, Jagan is seen in a obedient avatar while he is with Modi. The catch here is the voiceover that plays in the background.

In the voiceover, we hear Jagan mocking Chandrababu about the special category status and his obedience in front of Modi. Ironically, Jagan enacts the very same things that he criticised CBN of.

The sync between the sarcastic voiceover and the video is leaving netizens in splits. This mass troll on Jagan by ABN is going viral on Twitter now.