Aam Admi Party Downfall Lesson for Jana SenaOne more new age political party which emerged promising ‘Change’ seems to be moving into the Horizon. Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Admi Party which registered a sensational victory in the national capital in 2015. The party is losing deposits in the subsequent elections.

Too much of negative mindset seems to be the reason for Kejriwal’s downfall. Even the Congress Chief Ministers respect the Prime Minister and BJP led Central Government just for the federal unity. But Kejriwal is only into combating mode always.

Pawan Kalyan and his Jana Sena is also relying more on negative propaganda these days. All the good will they are earning through fighting on the issues is being spent on negative and dangerous issues like North and South Divide, Hindi Imposition etc.

But the fact is that people are not connecting to this allegation and some of them find this attitude as divisive and threat to the national integration. Moreover, Jana Sena is relying too much on communism which is being rejected by people on multiple occasions. It’s high time Pawan Kalyan catch the pulse of the people and act accordingly.