A Whatsapp Message Triggers Panic In Tollywood A Whatsapp message has surfaced on Tollywood Media circles which is about the Ticketing Portal which will be operated by the Government itself. The message says the money collected on the portal will go into the Government treasury and will be settled to the trade at the end of every month.

While the Government has made mention of this in its official G.O., it has spread like a wildfire creating panic in the trade. Money going into Government’s accounts mean that there is always a chance of funds diversion and delayed payments.

This will definitely happen because there are similar instances happening in Andhra Pradesh already. There is utter chaos everywhere and everyone is panicking raising questions about if the Government has the right over private businesses. If this is true, the ongoing stalemate in Andhra Pradesh will take a new turn.

Unlike the ongoing issue, this will definitely land up in the courts. It’s better Government opens up at least now and speak what is in its mind.