Telangana CM KCR Temple photos

The hero worship in movies is slowly spreading to Politics as well. We have seen a temple for Sonia Gandhi by Ex-Minister Shankar Rao before the elections. What happened to it now is an altogether different story but taking a cue from Shankar Rao, the students of NG Ranga University have built a temple for Telangana Chief Minister K Chandra Sekhar Rao. To be precise the temple was built by TRS students wing of the university.

It is currently stationed in a small temporary structure with a digital print of KCR. The temple is fondly called as KCR Mandiram and is said to be a tribute for his struggle towards Telangana cause. The students are planning to arrange for a permanent and large setup for the temple very soon. KCR was informed about the temple recently when he visited the University. It is said that the Telangana CM simply “smiled and nodded”.