A New Mutated Coronavirus Surfaced in Europe - What To Worry and What Not To

Even as the World started breathing ease with the COVID-19 Vaccine almost here, the news of a new variant of the Coronavirus has become scary. The mutated virus strain currently found in some countries of Europe is said to be more able to transmit than other variants.

A few countries already started imposing curbs on the flights of the affected countries. Researchers are not sure if the existing vaccines would be able to tackle this new strain which may have emerged in a patient with a weakened immune system that was unable to beat the virus.

The researchers believe their body became a breeding ground for the virus to mutate. There is no evidence as of now if this mutation makes the infection more deadly but at this stage, it is 70% more transmissible. If the virus will be able to generate vaccine escape mutants, it would put us in a position similar to flu, where the vaccines need to be regularly updated.

At the same time, we are fortunate that the vaccines we have are very easy to tweak. India has managed to bend the curve since September 15th and there is Pandemic fatigue in the people as well as the medical fraternity. So, the Government has to be cautious to stop the inbound flights from the affected countries and keep the virus at bay.


New coronavirus strain: Aviation ministry says all flights from the UK to India suspended from Dec 23 to Dec 31. Passengers arriving from UK in flights that will land in India by 11.59 PM on Tuesday will undergo mandatory RT-PCR test at airports: