Dokka-Manikya-VaraprasadWhile Jagan Government has seriously taken the English medium in government schools, YSR Congress MLC Dokka Manikya Varaprasad thinks otherwise.

“Every man’s thoughts are expressed in his mother tongue. English medium trend is currently running in Andhra Pradesh. Due to the implementation of English medium in government schools, there is a danger that in the future, students will have difficulty learning Telugu and English,” Dokka said.

“I have conveyed the same opinion to the education department officials,” the MLC added.

Dokka made these comments at a literary event at the Telugu University in Hyderabad on Friday. The audience expressed surprise when Dokka indirectly criticized the English medium policy brought by their government in this program.

However, they appreciated him for being vocal against his own government.

Meanwhile, many think the government should make both the mediums available for the students and leave the decision to the students and the parents.

But Jagan Government wants to wipe out the Telugu medium completely.