A Lesson For KCR, An Even Bigger Lesson For JaganA majority of Exit Polls has predicted Huzurabad By-election going Etala Rajender’s way. They also predicted that there will be no contest and it will be a comfortable victory for the former minister. It will come as a huge shock for TRS if that turns out to be the case.

TRS has splurged an unimaginable amount of money to win Huzurabad both legally and illegally. The party distributed as much as 6,000 per vote and also brought a new scheme – Dalit Bandhu to woo the Dalit voters. Like never before in the past, a whopping 2000 Crore has been spent on a single scheme for a single constituency.

While this will be a definite lesson for KCR, it will be an even bigger lesson for his friend in another state, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. The first-time Chief Minister has been under an impression that doling out sops to the voters can bring him back to power.

But then, just imagine! If 10 Lakh Rupees per family can not win you a simple By-election, all those Ratnams of YSR Congress can never help if that moment arrives. It is a joke politicians do believe people can be managed with money. If the Exit Polls turn out to be true, it will a lesson for both KCR and Jagan.