maha-kutami-tdpCongress Party has slumped to Zero from the Position of the Ruling Party in Andhra Pradesh post the state bifurcation. The party has lost all its prominent leaders except for one or two. Even the hardcore supporters do not see a chance of revival for the party for a decade or even more.

Congress made a significant buzz in the opposition but failed to reach the people. It is emerging that Congress is sending feelers to Jagan Mohan Reddy for a Possible Maha Kutami before 2019 elections. YSR Congress is lending its support to Communists on all the issues against the government and Congress wants to bring all the opposition parties under one roof to combat TDP.

Earlier, Jagan also opened arms for BJP but then the party has sent signals of continuing the friendship with TDP and also with Special Status betrayal, Jagan sees no use of BJP in Andhra Pradesh and so is looking at other National Alternatives. The idea of Maha Kutami worked in Bihar Elections and Congress wants to replicate the same yet again in Andhra Pradesh.

But then Maha Kutami may be a success only if Jana Sena joins the coalition but then it is doubtable if Pawan Kalyan joins a coalition which has Congress as a member. The Concept of Maha Kutami did not work in Andhra Pradesh as we have seen the Coalition of TDP, TRS and Communists failed in 2009.