8 Indian Americans FraudIn a shocking development, the FBI has stated that 8 Indian American individuals built a criminal enterprise alleging racketeering fraud involving Visa fraud, related to a scheme to file false applications and petitions for H-1B visas.

The defendants are identified as Bhaskar Savani (56), Arun Savani (55), Niranjan Savani (51), Amen Dhyllon (45), Alesksandra Radomiak (44) – all of Montgomery County; and Sunil Phillip (56) of Bucks County, Vivek Savani (35), Bharatkumar Parasana (55), and Hiteshkumar Goyani (29), also of Montgomery County, PA and Piyusha Patel (41), a resident of Iowa.

The defendants Bhaskar, Arun, Niranjan Savani, and Piyusha Patel were charged with visa fraud following the investigation.

It is alleged in the 42-count indictment that the Savani brothers built a criminal enterprise that helped them amass millions of dollars through multiple visa and wire frauds. They are also charged with money laundering, healthcare scheme fraud, and a mail fraud.

The group has allegedly frauded over $80 million just through the Medicaid scheme.

The report from Justice.Gov read If convicted, Bhaskar, Arun and Niranjan Savani, respectively, face a statutory maximum sentence of 430 years’ imprisonment, 425 years’ imprisonment, and 115 years’ imprisonment. Bhaskar and Arun Savani face fines of $10,750,000, and Niranjan Savani faces fines of $2,750,000.

Other members of the RICO conspiracy face substantial sentences. Defendant Sunil Philip faces up to 105 years’ imprisonment and fines of $1,750,000; defendant Amen Dhyllon faces 110 years’ imprisonment and fines of approximately $2,500,000; and defendant Aleksandra Radomiak faces 50 years’ imprisonment and fines of approximately $1,000,000.

Image Source: DailyVoice