Kancha ilaiah says 70 percentTelangana people now want United APFamous intellectual,Kancha Ilaiah is known to be a very vocal support to Telangana movement back in those days. However Illaiah says this is not the Telangana we have fought. He also makes an interesting statement that majority of Telangana people will now prefer United AP.

“70% of Telangana people will now want United Andhra Pradesh. But at the same time, AP people will reject the idea of a reunion as they are marching towards development post the bifurcation despite some difficulties. Very soon Amaravati will cross over Hyderabad too”, Illaiah opined.

Illaiah seem to have touched one of the most controversial topic for which only time can bring a logical conclusion. But at the end, it will be all great if both the Telugu states prosper, there by Telugu race thriving.