H1b-scam-indians-USAAtul Nanda and Jiten ‘Jay’ Nanda, Indian-American brothers have been found guilty of committing visa fraud and are sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment. The brothers, 46 and 45 years old, were involved in the H1B visa fraud and were both convicted for illegal transfer of money and wired frauds among other things.

The brothers took advantage of the H-1B visa program, an especially designed tool to help foreign workers and their businesses. Their scheme worked as they employed foreign workers in their IT consulting company, Dibon Solutions and sponsored H-1B visas for the workers without actually giving positions to them in the company, keeping them on bench with out pay which is illegal.

The workers then started working with third-party companies and the Nanda brothers made sure that Dibon solutions got paid for their services, providing them with skilled employees who work on a low salary.