7 More Sexual Cases On This Famous ActorOne of Hollywood’s most famous actors, Kevin Spacey, 63, will now be charged in the United Kingdom with seven additional charges of sexual assault. Kevin Spacey has been under the #MeToo radar, though he has pleaded not guilty in the US.

Ironically, the charges in the UK follow a charge wherein the court sided with Spacey in a $40 million civil lawsuit. The US court said that the Oscar winner did not molest actor Anthony Rapp when he was a teenager.

However, the UK Crown Prosecution Service said that the actor will be charged with further seven offenses. Of these, three include indecent assault, three offenses of sexual assault, and one offense of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent. The assault was on three men when Spacey lived in London as the director of the Old Vic theatre. The actor will stand trial in June 2023 in the UK.