60-40 Liquor Business Fraud Going On In APIt is known to our readers that Andhra Pradesh Government has taken over the entire liquor business in the state in the name of imposing Prohibition.

The Government is operating all the wine shops across the state and only cash is accepted as the payment mode in all these shops.

TDP Spokesperson GV Reddy suspects a big scam in this business.

“For every 100 bottles sold, 60 are accounted and 40 are unaccounted for. Those selling and those taking the cash do not do this. One or two persons only know this. The money will be credited for the sale of 60 bottles and the big people are making huge money through the rest”, GV Reddy said.

“This is the reason why digital payments are not accepted in Government wine shops. If digital payments are accepted, it will be difficult to keep the 40 bottles sale aside. I may get CID notices for this. But it can be proved only when we are given access to reconciliation statement with details like stock, inventory in Beverages Corporation and shops, daily sales, etc,” he adds.