Abdul_Aziz_Nellore_TDPThe rebel wave has started in YCP. The principal propeller Raghu Rama Raju is already in action and he has more company now as Anam Ramnaryana Reddy and Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy have joined the list.

In this context, TDP Nellore parliamentary in-charge, Abdul Aziz stated that as many as 56 YCP MLAs are in touch with TDP.

“56 of YCP MLAs are ready to switch parties and are in touch with TDP. In the Nellore district alone, 4 more MLAs, along with Anam and Kotamreddy are willing to join TDP. What’s more interesting is that leaders who were with Jagan right from the start of his political career are leaving him and are looking towards TDP” Azeez said.

The TDP senior added that this backlash from his own party MLAs is a clear indication that TDP will thump back to power in 2024 and there’s no stopping it. “Chandrababu and Lokesh will decide who will join TDP and who won’t”.

“This Jagan said he is aiming for 175/175 seats in the next election, but all that might be left with is 5 seats