Andhra Pradesh High Court - YS JaganCash-strapped Andhra Pradesh is sitting on the bills of contractors for many months. As a result, there are no takers for government contracts in the state. Some of these bills date back to 2019. Meanwhile, a few contractors have gone to the high court and got their bills cleared.

Now the high court looks like the savior for the rest of the contractors as well. According to a report in Andhrajyothy, there are 52 petitions in Andhra Pradesh High Court on Wednesday and Thursday by the contracts requesting the court to get their bills cleared.

More contractors are going to take the same route in the coming days, we are told. If these contractors manage to get a favorable ruling from the court, it will be trouble for the state government which is struggling even to pay salaries and pensions to the Government employees every month.

The government may be forced to cut the welfare schemes to tide over the crisis.