22years boy 51 Months PrisonA 22 year old Indian-American man named JeelPatel has been arrested for being a part of an elder fraud scheme.

Jeet was a part of a call Center fraud scheme where they would use automated robotic voices to call the elder folk in the USA.

Once the contact is established, these men will impersonate FBI and DEA agents, tricking the victims into thinking they’re under legal surveillance and would demand wire transfers to bank accounts.

They even ask the victims to send packages of cash to mail addresses. The courier service, carrying these parcels of cash was also involved in the elaborate process.

Jeel was a part of this fraud scheme for 4 months and in this period, he inflicted losses worth $485K from the elderly folk.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office Eastern District of Virginia announced that Jeel has been sentenced to prison for 51 months for committing mail and wire fraud.