50 Telangana Farmers To Contest Against PM ModiTelangana Farmers are getting ready to show their might to the whole country. More than 150 Turmeric and Red Jowar Farmers have contested from Nizamabad Parliament Against KCR’s Daughter Kavitha to send a message across to the Ruling Party about their plight. Now, they are set to show the same to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

50 turmeric farmers from Nizamabad are all set to contest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Varanasi. They are leaving to Varanasi and will file their nominations as independents. This is to bring focus to their demand for setting up a Turmeric Board which has been their longstanding demand.

On the other side, there are reports that a few persons from Andhra Pradesh are also contemplating to file their nomination against the Prime Minister to register their dissent for letting down Andhra Pradesh without granting the Special Status. Varanasi constituency represented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be voting last on May 19th. April 29th is the last date of filing nominations there.