5-Big-Announcements-In-TDP-ManifestoAs reported earlier, the Telugu Desam Party is set to unveil its manifesto for the next election much in advance. It is confirmed that TDP will release the manifesto this Vijayadashami, which is six months before the election.

The latest update pertaining to the TDP manifesto is that there will be 5 major announcements in the same.

Back in 2019, Jagan had this Navaratnalu in the manifesto that greatly helped him in taking the nine key implementations into the public. The campaign was centered around the Navaratnalu and that turned out to be effective.

Now, TDP is said to be working on their 5 big announcements that they believe will change the course of the elections trend.

Lokesh had recently stated that there is something big in the offing for the youth in the TDP Mahanadu and this builds all the more hype to the manifesto announcement. If this can be devised and executed well, this could well turn out to be the gamechanger for TDP like how Navaratnalu were for Jagan.