zombie-virusCovid has re-introduced endemics and pandemics to the global population. Just as everyone is getting acclimatised to the post-Covid scenario, a deadly virus has been revived from a frozen lake in Russia.

A group of French scientists has revived a 48,500-year-old Zombie Virus. This is now the oldest virus strain discovered by scientists and it may affect other living creatures. It has been identified at the Siberian Permafrost.

The Zombie Virus has the potential to be infectious and can pose a significant health danger to living creatures. Further research will determine if it can lead to an endemic or pandemic.

With global warming at an alarming high, permafrost and other permanently frozen water bodies are melting, thus releasing organic materials that have been frozen for millions of years. If these organic materials contain deadly viruses, there could be more of Covid-style pandemics in the future.

Scientists are currently experimenting on how the Zombie Virus reacts to heat, light, cold, and other environmental factors.