48-Hours-Before-Karnataka-Polls,-Gali-Janardhan-Reddy's-Right-Hand-Caught-in-a-Sting-OperationIn less than 48 hours to go for the Karnataka Elections Poling, B Sriramulu of the BJP is caught in a sting operation talking about bribing a Supreme Court judge with 160 crores in a mining case. Sriramulu is the close-aide of Mining Baron Gali Janardhan Reddy.

There are reports that Modi and Shah have offered him the Deputy Chief Minister Post if they manage to win all the eight seats allotted to Gali’s People in this election. This completely destroys Modi’s and BJP’s credibility in Karnataka.

It will be a Massive Blow to BJP just 48 hours before elections if the Congress is able to take it to the people in this time. Narendra Modi has made tall claims about being an anti-corruption crusader in the State Tour for the election campaign.

Already the party’s image is hit due to the tickets were given to Gali’s men and this new expose will dent the image further. Karnataka will go for polling on 12th and the results will be out on 15th. This election will set the tone for the 2019 General Elections.