Eenadu - Ramoji Rao - PRCRamoji Rao‘s Eenadu is the most circulated Newspaper in both the Telugu States. From the last three years in Andhra Pradesh, Andhrajyothy and TV5 are making much noise against the Government. Eenadu has taken a middle ground. But all of sudden, Eenadu has come into the limelight.

We have been seeing a series of articles in the Newspaper about the problems of the farmers and the employees right now (on the PRC issue). The specialty of Eenadu is that it does not try to hit the Government below the belt. It will focus on an issue and report the facts around it.

For example in the issue of PRC, Eenadu does not speak a word about the Government. We have seen it analyzing the new PRC and shows how it is actually detrimental to the employees. When such an explanation is given, readers do understand and draw their conclusions about who is right.

On the other side, media houses like Andhrajyothy and TV5 own the agenda and fight the government as it is their own problem giving an impression two enemies are fighting. In the loudness, actually, the message is lost and people tend to see them only as political rivals.

Andhrajyothy and TV5 can be countered in political language but Eenadu can be countered only with facts that will not be available obviously.

This is the approach that made the 47 years old Newspaper the most credible media house in Telugu.