high temperature in hyderabadHyderabad is experiencing heat as much as a blazing 43 degrees Celsius. Wednesday is the hottest day in April so far and the India Meteorological Department (IMD) says this is the highest in April since 1973, when the day temperature shot up to 43.3 degrees Celsius on April 30.

The Department had extended heat wave warning for Hyderabad and other Telangana districts for three more days and urged government to take immediate preventive measures to avoid a rise in heat stroke deaths. The department is also expecting the Temperature to reach an all-time high of 45 degrees Celsius this month.

Things are not an different in Andhra Pradesh as well. But the governments are only confining to create awareness in people. On the other side, the ground water in Hyderabad is reaching new lows and suddenly there is a huge demand for water tankers and the corporations have a backlog of water tankers lining up to several days.