Now that the elections are over, in general there should be a clear poll trend which should have given an idea of the new government in Seema Andhra. But all the indications suggest that a cracker of contest is underway and the victory can go either ways. Punters are busy putting up the stakes on the election results. It is said that a total of 400 Crore include 150 crore in East Godavari, `200 crore in West Godavari and `50 to 60 crore in north coastal Andhra is involved.

In general the punters said TDP would benefit if the polling percentage is above 75% and YSR Congress will enjoy the cake if the polling percentage is below the 75% mark. But even as the polling percentage crossed the 75% mark, the stakes are not one sided. On the other side, there is betting over the majorities of some of the high profile politicians too.