visakhapatnam-railway-Zone-Union Government had given 1000 Crore for Capital Development in Amaravati. The then Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu gave another 1500 Crore for Underground drainage development in Vijayawada and Guntur.

In later parts, we have seen BJP clubbing both the amounts and saying they have given 2,500 Crore for Amaravati but that’s a different story.

During the election campaign in 2014, Narendra Modi promised a Delhi-like Capital for Andhra Pradesh, and the state BJP leaders many times mentioned that 2,500 Crore is more than enough for building such a capital.

Cut to 2023, BJP is propagating that the Central Government is spending 406 Crore Rupees for the modernization of Vishakapatnam Railway Station.

The question now is if a railway station modernization alone costs 406 Crore Rupees, how 1000 Crore or even 2500 Crore will be enough for the construction of capital or a Delhi-like Capital as Narendra Modi promised.

BJP had also contributed to the propaganda of the YSR Congress against Amaravati and is now the reason for Andhra Pradesh getting stranded with no capital.