'40 YCP MLAs Waiting To Join TDP'YSRCP was dealt with a major shocker recently as four of their own party MLAs voted for the TDP candidate in the MLC elections. These MLAs are suspended now and they’re making scathing allegations against YCP and calling out Jagan.

Now, TDP AP president, Atchannaidu has stated that over 40 YCP MLAs are in touch sith TDP and they’re ready to make the switch if prompted by the Chandrababu-led party.

“40 YCP MLAs are constantly in touch with us. My ears are ringing after speaking with so many of them on the phone. We will assess their profiles and then decide whom to welcome and whom to ignore.” the TDP veteran stated.

Atchannaidu added that the TDP is not trying to lure any of these 40 MLAs and in fact, they are the ones who are itching to leave YCP and join TDP ranks.

The TDP leader questioned Jagan’s integrity about the special category states. “This Jagan said he will fight for special category status if he has 25 MPs. Now, he has 31 MPs in total in Rajyasabha and Lok Sabha. Where is the fight? All he does is go to Delhi with statues and shawls to give to BJP leaders and to no avail.”