Ex-CM Kiran’s new party’s name

Kiran Kumar Reddy has finally decided to form a new political party after discussing with other Congress ministers of Seemandhra region. This is the first time a Chief Minister has resigned from his post and is initiating a new political party.

The next thing on line is the name and the symbol for the party. As of now, there are four choices of which one will be finalized.

1. Jai Samaikyandhra Party and its symbol, a slipper.
2. Samaikyandhra Party and its symbol, a kite.
3. Andhra Pradesh Rastra Samaikya Samithi and its symbol, a batsmen.
4. Samaikya Rastra Samithi and its symbol, a cricket bat.

Announcement of the new party is predicted to be done in Tirupathi very soon. Seven MPs have attended the meeting after which the decision of initiating the new party was taken. As other major parties have played their part in helping in the formation of Telangana state and Kiran Kumar Reddy being the only one to have stood by Seemandhra citizens all the time for unification, he is confident that this party will gain support from the people of Seemandhra. In what way this party can re-unite the state is million dollar question and how Kiran can convince his new party will be of any use especially his agenda is ‘United State’.