The counting of MPTC and ZPTC elections are going on at very slow pace. By evening, not even half of the voting is complete. Telugu Desam Party is clearly ahead of YSR Congress since every round of counting in the morning. But YSR Congress is putting up a better performance than the yesterday’s municipal results. YSR Congress is leading the tally in Kadapa and Nellore while both the parties are going head to head in Kurnool, Prakasam and Guntur. In remaining nine districts, TDP is far ahead of YSR Congress.

Telangana people seem to have given a staggered mandate. TRS’ car is cruising in the North Telangana while Congress is doing well in South Telangana. TDP is making its presence felt in Rangareddy and Khammam districts. While Telangana results are on time Most of the results in Seema Andhra will arrive around midnight while some results may even take till morning.

Latest [email protected]:30 AM:

Seema Andhra MPTCs: TDP (5017) YSR Congress (3977) Congress (139) Left (38) Others (421)
Seema Andhra ZPTCs: TDP (317) YSR Congress (219)

Telangana MPTCs: TRS (1881) Congress (2306) TDP (1037) Left (232) Others (951)
Telangana ZPTCs: TRS (187) Congress (175) TDP (50)