272 Anna Canteens Across Andhra PradeshTelugu Desam Party leaders have become active on the ground. Earlier a handful of TDP leaders started their own Anna Canteens.

This initiative has got excellent applause from the people and the media. Motivated by the response, more and more leaders have come forward to have Anna Canteens in their constituencies.

272 Anna Canteens are active across the state right now. In small ones, 300-500 people are fed every day and there are canteens that feed up to 800-1000 people per day as well.

Nandamuri Balakrishna and Nara Lokesh also have started Anna canteens in Hindupur and Mangalagiri constituencies.

The leaders are bearing the expenses of the constituencies. On some days, the party leaders and supporters are also pitching in funds by arranging food.

More and more leaders are looking to start the Anna Canteens in the coming days.

The previous TDP government used to run Anna Canteens which used to feed the poor for five rupees a meal. They have helped the poor big time.

But the Jagan government stopped all of them immediately after coming to power.