2500 Acres of Amaravati For Land for the Poor Scheme -Jagan (3)Andhra Pradesh Government is taking steps to ensure that the Capital is not shifted to Amaravati even if the Government changes in the future. The Government had decided to give 2500 acres of land which was collected as a part of land pooling to the poor as a part of its Land for the Poor Scheme.

39,559 people from Vijayawada City, Tadepalli, Mangalagiri, Duggirala, and Peddakakani will get the lands here. Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had taken this decision in a review meeting about the scheme and Deputy CM Pilli Subash Chandrabose himself made this announcement.

Another plan is that 922.15 acres of the land which was earlier allotted to the Singapore companies for the development of the Startup city will be used for the same purpose. These are the Prime lands in the entire Amaravati. Moreover, it can send a message that the poor is the top priority for them than the Singapore Companies.

TDP says that these lands if given for poor will be extremely difficult to take back and so even if TDP comes back to Power in 2024, it can not get back the Capital to Amaravati. The State Government wants to finish the exercise by Ugadi. On the other side, Amaravati farmers are contemplating to move to the court against this proposal as such a move will amount to infringing the Master Plan of the Capital.