KCR - KTR Former Minister Etela Rajender has severed the two decades of relationship with TRS and is likely to join the BJP on the 11th of this month. He is the first prominent leader to leave TRS ever since the Telangana state is achieved. But then, the Saffron party says this is going to be a usual trend in the coming days.

BJP state leadership claims at least 22 Sitting MLAs of the party, 70 Former MLAs, and eight former ministers are in touch with them and are waiting for the high command’s nod to switch over. These are unbelievable numbers and are too good to trust but BJP says it is happening.

After a shocker in the Dubbaka by-election and GHMC polls, BJP once again went back to the old ways by losing MLC elections, Nagarjunasagar by-election, and Municipal elections. Etela is in BJP just because he has been shunted out of the cabinet by the Chief Minister.

If the numbers about twenty-two sitting MLAs looking at BJP are true, it will not stop the exodus with that. The public and media perception will be in favor of BJP and the remaining MLAs will blink as well. At that stage, there is also a chance that the TRS government would fall.

As of today, it looks like a fairy tale but BJP wants us to believe it. That gives rise to the debate if BJP has become really strong or is pretending to be strong in Telangana.