2024 Elections To Be Fought on Social Media, TDP Getting ReadyWhenever a party loses an election in something called a Historic Defeat. It will certainly take a year or two to at least put up a fight. But then, Telugu Desam Party Supporters on Social Media pulled off something impossible. They ensured that the Government is given run for its money in the first year itself.

This enthusiasm is something totally absent before the 2019 elections and played a crucial role in the party’s defeat. The Party Leadership boosted by the energy of its cadre is now concentrating on building a social media structure. TDP is one party that has a solid grassroots structure right to the ward-level.

Party’s General Secretary Nara Lokesh is working on something similar. This new Social Media structure will have nearly 20,000 members and will be parallel to the existing Party’s Organizational Structure. “If the existing system will deal in the traditional way, this new structure will take care of the young generation,” a source in the know told us.

The party leadership is waiting for the Coronavirus Pandemic situation to ease to start the work on this. YSR Congress won the 2019 election using its social media strategy and if this plan of TDP is anything to go by, the 2024 election will be fought on social media.