2022-Andhra-Pradesh-controversiesAnother year is over and elections in Andhra Pradesh are just fifteen months away. Jagan Mohan Reddy is supposed to be the youngest Chief Minister in Telugu states and was hoped to be futuristic with a complete focus on bringing investments, creating employment opportunities, etc.

But his regime is totally confined only to the distribution of freebies by getting loans. And then, there is the highest degree of political vendetta. It started in 2019 and continued throughout 2022 as well. Here are some important political events of the year:

Chalo Vijayawada By Government Employees

Jagan Government has been dealing with dissent with an iron fist ever since it came to power. Fearing cases even the Opposition leaders chose to be silent. But the Chalo Vijayawada program in February became a massive success as thousands of Government employees reached Vijayawada despite huge police cover and shocked the government. But the government is able to silence the issue by managing the association leaders.

Insulting Chiranjeevi:

Chiranjeevi had led a group of star heroes to Jagan to iron out the differences. In the meeting, Chiranjeevi is seen pleading with the CM with folded hands. Even when someone of that stature is pleading so helplessly Jagan is seen not reciprocating that and is seen smiling. The video has gone viral and brought so much of a bad name to the CM.

Nanis Out Of The Cabinet:

Perni Nani and Kodali Nani were the two most vocal Ministers in Jagan’s cabinet. Perni Nani used to speak like a film industry expert giving lectures to the industry people by putting the industry into trouble. Jagan used Perni and Kodali to target the leaders of their own community ( Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu – wife episode) and finally left them out of the cabinet.

Amma Rajinama – Vijayamma Quits YSRCP

There have been differences between Jagan and Sharmila and their mother Vijayamma decided to support her daughter. As a result, Vijayamma was made to resign from the party and step down as its Honorary President post right in the Party plenary.

Gorantla Madhav Vulgar Video Call

Ever since YSR Congress came to power, we have seen some leaks of leaders like Ambati Rambabu and Avanthi Srinivas involved in vulgar talks. But a vulgar video call of Hindupur MP Gorantla Madhav got leaked in August and became a sensation. The MP is completely nude in the video and is showing his private parts to some lady. Even then, the party did not take any action against the MP.

NTR University Name Change:

One of the most controversial decisions by the Government in 2022. Removing NTR’s name from the university and replacing it with YSR drew flak from all quarters. NT Ramarao was the founder chairman of the University while YSR got nothing to do. The incident got criticism that Jagan can not get anything of his own to name after his father.

Attack On Amaravati Farmers:

Rajamundry MP Margani Bharath led an attack on Amaravati farmers who are peacefully conducting a Padayatra from Amaravati to Arasavalli. In the past, there have been attacks and name-calling of farmers who gave their lands for the capital but an MP leading the attack directly has shocked the state. And on expected lines, the Government did not do anything about it.

Ippatam Houses Demolition:

While many illegal structures are flourishing abated, the Jagan Government suddenly demolished the houses of some people in Ippatam village just because they gave lands for Pawan Kalyan’s Public meeting. Sakshi further aired interviews with YSR Congress cadres posing as the affected saying that they are happy about their houses being demolished.

The year is marred by the Chief Minister himself using degrading language like foul-mouthing Chandrababu Naidu and making personal comments on Pawan Kalyan. Chandrababu Naidu has commenced his district tours and there are massive crowds even in districts like Kurnool and Nellore where YSR Congress is weak indicating that winds of ‘change’ started blowing in Andhra Pradesh.