Andhra Pradesh Telangana politics 20202020 has been a phenomenal year for the World as the Pandemic forced people to sit indoors for several months. It is the time when Governments needed to concentrate full time on saving public lives and heal the economy which is disrupted due to the Lockdowns.

But even during this time, Telugu States have witnessed a year of mindboggling political changes. Jagan Government in Andhra Pradesh is not even two years old but the rule has been marred by various controversies. It was a year when every decision of the government landed in a legal mess and became controversial.

It is also a year of no development and full of freebies in Andhra Pradesh. Probably, the main opposition party – TDP is lucky as it got enough issues to corner the ruling party. Usually, one year after the election, the opposition will have nothing to do as it is considered the honeymoon period for the new government. Janasena and BJP started making noise but are still far away from being able to make an impact.

Telangana Politics have taken a sensational turn in 2020. All of a sudden, KCR who is invincible in Telangana politics has started falling. BJP made strong inroads and stunned the Car party in Dubbaka and the GHMC elections. KCR looks to be in defensive mode and is toeing to the line of center taking U-turns on Farm Laws and Ayushman Bharat.

Congress has fallen to the position of distant third and BJP strongly feels it is winning Telangana in 2024 or may even force a hung election. There are people who even believe KCR Government may not even complete its full term. This is a remarkable turn in just one year. 2020 has full drama in the political sphere of both the Telugu States. Let us see how 2021 unfolds!