Hyderabad_Car_Race_Woman_DeathIn a shocking and distressing incident, a car race between two students in Hyderabad has resulted in the death of an unrelated 50 year old woman.

Going into the story, a group of students from ICFAI business school went on a car race in the Narsingi area of Hyderabad.

Three students, seated in two cars went on a race in a main road at Narsingi later in the day on the 14th of February.

This resulted in a huge tragedy as one of these cars slipped out of control and hit a couple that was traveling on a two-wheeler on the same road. The individuals riding on the motorcycle are Narsimulu, 62, and Shanthamma, 55.

Due to the impact, Shanthamma fell flat on the road and the other car ran over her, killing her on the spot. The couple were residents of Janwada village of Shankarpalli Mandal.

All three of the students were arrested and further investigation has been commence by Narsingi police.