Sai-Varshith-KandulaIt is known that this one Indian-American man named Sai Varshith Kandula created havoc at the White House a few days ago by ramming a truck into the White House security gate. He claimed he wanted to assassinate the president.

Now, coming to the topic, Varshith is set to face serious consequences for his acts.

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The court ordered Varshith to be in custody till 30 May while he awaits the final judgement. Here’s a new report on the potential consequences he could be facing.

The court could fine him $2,50,000 which roughly converts to Rs 2 crores. And he could also be facing 10 years jail time sentence.

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The final judgement on the same will be out next week.

With Varshith admitting to his crimes, the investigation is getting wrapped quickly. He is bound to face pretty serious legal consequences on the counts of wilful destruction of property, attempting to assassinate the president, public harm, and others.

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Varshith claims that he is influenced by the Nazi system. Several Nazi flags were found inside the truck he used to damage the White House security gate.