Jagan-kuppam-municipalityAbsolute power makes people insane. They become blind to the reality and consider themselves as invincible. Probably that is what is happening in Andhra Pradesh. The Ruling Party is desperately resorting to all sorts of lows to win Kuppam Municipality at any cost and embarass Chandrababu Naidu.

In the 14th ward of Kuppam, the nominations of the TDP party candidates (candidate and dummy candidates – Husband and wife) have been withdrawn. On the day of the so called nomination withdrawal, the couple claims to be 300 kilometers away from Kuppam.

That one ward does not get Kuppam Municipality to YSR Congress or bring that party to power once again. But absolute power means Ruling Party will do anything and everything. Meanwhile, the TDP leaders who have camped in Kuppam are being arrested.

Former Minister N Amarnath Reddy and Pulivarthi Nani have been arrested at midnight. TDP claims that the Government will arrest all the leaders will be arrested by the time of the Polling day and the Government will create arson to win Kuppam at any cost.

YSR Congress can score political points over TDP by winning Kuppam but that is not all. The credit will come only if the elections happen free and fair. Winning Kuppam does not mean winning Kuppam assembly in 2024. TDP won Kadapa MLC defeating Jagan’s own uncle but was thoroughly defeated in Kadapa Parliament and Assembly in 2019.

These elections while in power are mere optics and being so desperate will only show you are weak and anarchic. These kind of arts will earn sympathy for the opposition and recharge the opposition cadre – both not good for YSR Congress.