144 Section Welcomes Pawan Kalyan to KakinadaJanasena President Pawan Kalyan who has completed his Delhi tour came directly to Kakinada where some Janasainiks were grievously injured in an attack by the YSR Congress cadre. The tussle started after Kakinada City MLA, Dwarampudi Chandra Sekhara Reddy’s foul-language on Pawan Kalyan.

Several Janasainiks were hospitalized and the Police have unilaterally registered cases on Janasena activists alone. Ahead of Pawan Kalyan’s visit, the local police imposed Section 144 in the city. So, Public Meetings, Road Shows, Dharnas, and Protests were not allowed.

There were rumors that the District Police will also arrest Pawan Kalyan as well. So, Janasainiks have come in huge numbers creating an atmosphere of tension everywhere. The Police had to finally announce that they would not arrest Pawan Kalyan.

With this Police Hungama, YSR Congress Government sent a message that they would not tolerate Pawan Kalyan’s enthusiasm.