YS-Jagan-Sajjala-Rama-Krishna-ReddyYS Jagan Mohan Reddy is keen on accommodating all his supporters in one nominated post or the others. Wherever there is no chance, namesake Adviser posts were created. Like never before, 45 advisors were appointed.

From confidantes like Sajjala to cine actors like Ali, we have forty-five of them with most of them given cabinet ranks. They were given hefty salaries, cards, allowances, grants, reimbursements, etc.

Except for a handful of them, do not have their roles marked and do not even attend the review meetings. They just draw their salaries and other financial benefits without doing anything.

Most of them did not get to meet the Chief Minister even once after the appointment and very few met him only once that too to thank him for the appointment.

The Advisors are in three categories. The first category ones are paid 3.82 Lakhs per month in salaries and 2 Lakhs for other allowances and protocols.

The second category advisors are paid 2.79 Lakh per month and another 2 Lakh expenses. In the last category, the pay is 2+2 Lakh Rupees.

According to an article in Andhrajyothy, the Government so far spent around 83.5 Crore rupees only on the advisors and will be spending another 55.5 Crore for the remainder of Jagan’s tenure.

That takes the total to 138 Crores. As elections are nearing, we will see more such appointments in the coming days.